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Krishna Study Academy classes are exceptionally INTERACTIVE for the students to have real time doubt clearance on any particular topic or subject that they are studying.

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Why Krishna Study academy?

Most Experienced / Pioneer

Krishna Study Academy in 2000. Being the oldest coaching institute, it has maximum experience in teaching. Sachin Sir personally has been teaching for the last 23 years and he is still teaching all the main subjects personally.

Excellent Teaching Pedagogy:

Teaching is through Ultra-modern Audio Visual Aids- Examples, Slideshows, Diagrams and Flowcharts. The classes are quite interesting and interactive. Regular question answer sessions are held in the classes.

Toppers always from Krishna:

Maximum no. of 1st Rankers and toppers in top 10 till date are from Krishna. • MORE THAN 600 FINAL SELECTIONS WITH TOP RANKS TILL DATE.

Scholarship program

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” ‘Earn while you learn’ scheme provides opportunities to meritorious students to earn while they are learning.

About us

Krishna, an academy with difference known for caring guidance, conducive atmosphere and extra ordinary results is a renowned academy for coaching in Competitive exams. Krishna, an abode of excellence was set up with the avowed aim of giving a new direction to the preparation for the Competitive Exams.









The best time to plant a tree was a few years ago..... The second best time is today.

Our Reviews

I am humbly grateful to Sachin Sir who enlightened me through the process of turning me from an ordinary student to somewhat today I am profound of. He is the one who guided me throughout my Law Entrance on do's and don'ts as the competition level of LLB entrance is at Heights. I feel contended that I Banked upon him and now trending the path of success.

Anjali Narwal JMIC, Haryana

I'm very thankful to krishma study academy and all the teaches at the KSA specially Sachin sir. Sachin sir has helped me, guided me, encouraged throughout this journey towards PCS (Judicial) I'm thankful to Tewari Sir, Grewal sir, Veer Singh Sir, Geeta Bhatti madam and Gurpal Sir for making all my confusions and queries go. kSA has vitally helped me to build my career. Thanking you again,

Harpreet Kaur CJJD cum JMIC, Punjab

I am happy to be a product of this esteemed institution. Krishna Judiciary Coaching not only provides a platform to enrich academically but also emphasises on the over-all development of the student. It provided a lot of opportunities for students to showcase their talents, which include public speaking, mooting, and debating both individually or as a group.

Rekha Sharma

Best judiciary Academy.....Really affordable fee structure......Experienced set of Mentors with great result orientations......The highlight of them all is Sachin Goyal Sir himself......Sachin Sir's style of teaching and explaining things in detail is really amazing !!!

Rohit Rana

I recommend all the aspirants to join this institute for judiciary as well as IAS coaching . Sachin sir and Anjali mam not only e teach very good but also keep motivating students

Kamboj Priyanka

I am glad to have a coaching in the Krishna Acadeemy. Where I am today is due to excellent guidance of Sachin Sir. I feel very happy to have the coaching in Krishna Academy. I pray before almighty to have good days for Krishna Academy. Thanking You Sir

Rajinder Singh, JMIC, Punjab


The Judiciary serves as the court system responsible for interpreting and applying the law. As a vital organ of Indian democracy, it dispenses justice in accordance with legal principles. Courts play a pivotal role in applying and interpreting laws, settling disputes, and meting out consequences to those who violate the law.

Commonly known as the Judicial services examination, it serves as the initial assessment for individuals who have completed their law degree.

With over 60,000 applicants annually, the exam attracts a substantial number of candidates due to the prestige associated with the position and the competitive salary offered. However, the salary of Civil Judges varies across states, with newly appointed Judicial Officers typically earning a monthly in-hand salary ranging from Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,50,000.

Conducted by the honorable high court or state public service commissions, these exams aim to appoint candidates for subordinate Judicial services that is appointment of Judges to different posts at the district courts.

Individuals pursuing a career in the judiciary can apply for various positions, including Judicial Magistrate, Civil judge, etc.

In order to be eligible for Judiciary exam, one must fulfill the following criteria, although eligibility criteria vary from one state to another:

  •  One should be an Indian citizen.  
  •  The minimum age requirement for the exam is 21 years, and the maximum age limit is 42 years. 
  •  LLB students who completed their 3-year or 5-year course or are in the final year of LLB course. 
  •  LLM students, LLD Degree Holders, or LLD Research Scholars.
  •  Lawyers who have started practicing and are willing to appear for a civil judge or HJS exam.
  •  Civil judges/Judicial magistrates who are willing to appear for higher judicial services examination.

Engage actively with the material by discussing it with classmates, participating in study groups, and attending review sessions. Consider seeking clarification from professors or tutors for any concepts you find challenging.

Maintain a healthy balance between studying and self-care activities such as exercise, relaxation techniques, and sufficient sleep. Practice mindfulness and positive self-talk to combat exam anxiety.