Word of the Day – 25 February 2020

Choose a word out of these and use it today while talking, Discussing or writing…. Believe Me….That word will be yours forever. It will get added to you vocabulary.

SMATTERING (noun) : कुछ
Meaning: a small number
Synonyms: couple, few, handful, sprinkle.
Antonyms: horde, legion, loads, multitude.
Usage: He spoke a smattering of words she didn’t understand.


MEDDLE (verb) : हस्तक्षेप करना
Meaning: interfere in something that is not one’s concern.
Synonyms: interlope, intrude, poke, pry.
Antonyms: shun, disregard, neglect, overlook.
Usage: The government should never meddle with religious affairs.


IRE (Noun) : गुस्सा
Meaning: anger.
Synonyms: anger, rage, fury, wrath
Antonyms: calmness, comfort, delight
Usage: The doctor’s rude behavior triggered the patient’s ire.


DERISIVE(Adjective) : व्यंग्यात्मक
Meaning: mocking and ridiculing
Synonyms: cheeky, scornful
Antonyms: polite, respectful
Usage: The bully let out a derisive laugh when mocking his classmate’s nerdy glasses.


ATYPICAL(adjective) : अनियमित
Meaning: not representative of a type, group, or class.
Synonym: unusual, untypical,
Antonym: typical
Usage: Atypical account usage is behavior that is not part of normal usage cycles


FUSILLADES(noun) : गोलीकांड
Meaning: a series of shots fired or missiles thrown all at the same time or in quick succession.
Synonym: salvo, volley
Antonym: drip, trickle
Usage: La Fayettes fusillade of the republicans, who demanded the deposition of the king


IMMINENT(adjective) : आसन्न
Meaning: about to happen.
Synonym: brewing, looming,
Antonym: remote
Usage: The birth of her child was imminent, if not past due.


STIRRING(adjective) : सरगर्मी, क्रियाशीलता
Meaning: causing excitement or strong emotion; rousing.
Synonym: exciting, thrilling
Antonym: boring, pedestrian
Usage: Rhyn looked up, anger stirring again.


EPOCHAL(adjective) : महत्त्वपूर्ण
Meaning: forming or characterizing an epoch; epoch-making.
Synonym: important, significant
Antonym: inessential
Usage: epochal decisions made by Roosevelt and Churchill.


AMBIVALENT(adjective) : उभयभावी
Meaning: having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.
Synonym: equivocal, uncertain
Antonym: unequivocal, certain
Usage: Frank was ambivalent about his breakup with Jane.

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