Prepositions – 25 february 2020

Answers are here:


  1. He is very weak in( at, in, on ) Geography but is good at ( on, at, in ) all other subjects.


  1. The poet is famous for( for, in, at ) his humorous poems.


  1. Be careful of( at, with, of ) that man if you are doing business with him. He is capable of( at, with, of ) the meanest tricks.


  1. He is annoyed with( at, with, about ) me for losing his favorite pen.



  1. Is she familiar with( at, with, for ) this type of work ? If she isn’t, we must find something she is more fitfor( of, for, at ).


  1. Kamala is keen on( at, on, in ) music and literature while her sister is more interested in( at, on, in ) outdoor games.



  1. Pauline was angry with( with, at, about ) Alex when she found out that Alex had got rid of the cat which she was very fond of ( of, with, at ).


  1. Although that handicapped person is incapable of( at, in, of ) doing heavy work, he is adept at( in, at, on ) weaving baskets.



  1. The hotel is adjacent to( of, to, by ) the railway station. The accommodation that it provides is adequate for( of, with, for ) your needs.


  1. She is gifted with( at, with, by ) a talent for writing and is very successful at ( in, at, with ) her job as a journalist.


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