Prepositions – 24 February 2020

Fill in the blanks- Answer in comments- get right answers in evening:


  1. I finally received the letter which I had been waiting _____ .


  1. You can rely _____ him to be there whenever you need him.


  1. Please attend _____ this matter immediately. It is urgent.


  1. You should not put _____ doing something until the very last minute.


  1. He is sure to come _____ when I pour water over his head.


  1. They agreed _____ me that we should not go there.


  1. He doesn’t approve _____ our plans.


  1. William says that he aims _____ winning at least a consolation prize.


  1. Our neighbor always complains _____ the noise made by us.


  1. Is this the book you spoke _____ yesterday ?

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