Prepositions – 22 February 2020

Answers are here:


  1. You will not be let off ( in, down, off ) easily the next time you are caught.


  1. You would expect a good friend to stickby( to, by, with ) you through thick and thin.


  1. We are relying on( by, from, on ) you because you said that you are familiar with this place.


  1. The winners played against( against, with, by ) Victoria Institution in the finals of the tennis tournament.


  1. I managed to inform him of( of, on, about ) my intended visit to his uncle’s house.


  1. This type of fish feedson( with, from, on ) insects only.


  1. The bull rushedat( over, at, on ) me as I was running across ( over, across, above ) the field.


  1. As she was pressedfor( for, of, in ) time, she only skimmed through( at, through, on ) the report.


  1. They were talking about( at, over, about ) the new teacher when I went into( to, in, into ) the room.


  1. We had been searchingfor( for, at, with ) her for almost three hours when I heard her calling for ( with, for, of ) help.




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