Plea For Disclosure of Income Sources By Candidates For Parliamentary And Assembly Elections: SC

A plea has been filed against the Centre and Election Commission for the disclosure of sources of income by candidates for parliamentary and assembly elections.

Citing instances of exponential increase in assets held by lawmakers in just five years, petitioner Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) said that the assets of four sitting Lok Sabha members had increased by 1,200%. There was 500% increase in assets of 22 other Lok Sabha members.

The petitioner also stated that Rajya Sabha member Anil Madhav Dave declared an asset growth of over 2,100%. The ADR cited the example of an Assam state legislator with declared increase of over 5,000% in his assets. In the case of another legislator from Kerala, the increase in assets is over 1,700% since the 2011 assembly elections.

The ADR, in its application to be impleaded as co-petitioner in a previous plea filed by Lucknow-based NGO Lok Prahari, contended that several people filing self-attested affidavits on their assets were not disclosing details of Income Tax returns

The petitioner said that an analysis of assets declared during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and 2016 Rajya Sabha elections as well as elections to Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Kerala, Assam, and West Bengal assemblies revealed “abnormal increase” in assets of many members of Parliament and assemblies.

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