SC To Launch “Swachh Nyayalaya” Project On Law Day (Nov 26) Clean Courts With New Washrooms & Weeding Out Of Old Files On The Cards

With a view to extend the Centre’s flagship Swachh Bharat campaign to courts, the Supreme Court of India is set to launch the “Swachh Nyayalaya” project. Chief Justice of India Justice Ranjan Gogoi to launch the project on the occasion of Law Day on November 26 The vision of the project was presented by Supreme Court judge, Justice Madan B Lokur at the pre-launch function of the project on Friday. It would be undertaken by NITI Aayog and the Union Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation along with the Deparment of justice.

The Supreme Court will oversee the implementation of the same. The project would include construction and maintenance of washrooms in over 16,000 court rooms, and would move on to weeding out of files, thereby clearing out significant amount of space that can then be put to some other use. “So really the idea behind this Swachh Nyayalaya is to have those general clean up in terms of maintenance, in terms of house keeping issues, of course, providing toilets, washrooms and all that is one of providing toilets, washrooms and all that is one of the aspects of housekeeping and maintenance but equally important are issues of garbage disposal,” Justice Lokur explained.


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