Daily Dose of Vocabulary (9th August, 2018)

Daily Dose of Vocabulary (9th August, 2018)

1).Shockingly (Adverb)
Definition: in a way that causes indignation, horror, or
Synonyms: fearfully, hopelessly, appallingly Usage: the debts were shockingly revealed to total

2). Confine (Verb)
Definition: keep or restrict someone or something
within certain limits of (space, scope, or time).
Synonyms: enclose, incarcerate, imprison, intern,
Usage: he does not confine his message to high

3). Reiteration (Noun)
Definition: the action of repeating something,
typically for emphasis or clarity
Synonyms: Echo, Renew, Repeat.
Usage: the reiteration of his campaign promise to cut

4). Apprehensions (Noun)
Definition: anxiety or fear that something bad or
unpleasant will happen
anxiety, angst, alarm, worry, uneasiness, unease, nervo
Usage: he felt sick with apprehension

5). Intimidation (Noun)
Definition: the action of intimidating someone, or the
state of being intimidated
frightening, menacing, terrifying, scaring, alarming, ter
Usage: the intimidation of witnesses and jurors

6). Taint (Noun)
Definition: a trace of a bad or undesirable substance or quality
trace, touch, suggestion, hint, tinge, tincture
Usage: the lingering taint of creosote

7). Inasmuch (Adverb)
Definition: to the extent that; in so far as
Synonyms: Because, Since, While
Usage: These provisions apply only inasmuch as
trade between Member States is affected

8). Turbulent (Adjective)
Definition: characterized by conflict, disorder, or confusion; not stable or calm

tempestuous, stormy, unstable, unsettled, tumultuous,
Usage: the country’s turbulent history

9). Apex (Noun)
Definition: the highest point of achievement; a climax.
Synonyms: climax, culmination, culminating point, apotheosis
Usage: the apex of his career was in 1966 when he hoisted aloft the World Cup for England

10). Wield (Verb)
Definition: hold and use (a weapon or tool)
brandish, flourish, wave, twirl, display, flaunt, hold
Usage: a masked raider wielding a handgun

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