Daily Dose of Vocabulary (5th August, 2018)

Daily Dose of Vocabulary (5th August, 2018)

1).Aberration (Noun)
Definition: a departure from what is normal, usual, or
expected, typically an unwelcome one
Synonyms:anomaly, deviation, divergence,
abnormality, irregularity, variation, digression
Usage:They described the outbreak of violence in the
area as an aberration

2).Introspection (Noun)

Definition: the examination or observation of one’s
own mental and emotional processes
Synonyms: brooding, self-analysis, soul-searching,
Usage: quiet introspection can be extremely valuable

3). Cobweb (Noun)
Definition:a spider’s web, especially when old and dusty.
Synonyms:spider’s web
Usage: the wooden carvings were almost obliterated
by cobwebs

4).Glut (Noun)
Definition:an excessively abundant supply of
Synonyms:surplus, excess, surfeit, superfluity,
overabundance, superabundance
Usage:there is a glut of cars on the market

5).Humanitarian (Adjective)
Definition:concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare
Synonyms: compassionate, humane
Usage:groups sending humanitarian aid

6).Fend (verb)
Definition:look after and provide for oneself, without
any help from others
Synonyms:take care of oneself, look after oneself, provide for oneself, shift for oneself
Usage:she left her 14-year-old daughter to fend for

7).Austerity (Noun)
Definition:sternness or severity of manner or attitude
Synonyms:formality, harshness, inflexibility
Usage: he was noted for his austerity and his authoritarianism

8). Clamour (Noun)
Definition: a loud and confused noise, especially that
of people shouting
Synonyms:the questions rose to a clamour
Usage:din, racket, loud noise, uproar, tumult, babel

9).Quell (Verb)
Definition:put an end to (a rebellion or other
disorder), typically by the use of force.
Synonyms:put an end to, stamp out, put a stop to, end,
finish, get rid of
Usage:extra police were called to quell the

10).Fragile (Adjective)
Definition: (of an object) easily broken or damaged
Synonyms:easily broken, brittle, frangible, smashable,
splintery, flimsy, weak, frail, insubstantial, delicate
Usage: fragile items such as glass and china

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