Daily Dose of Vocabulary (3rd August, 2018)

Daily Dose of Vocabulary (3rd August, 2018)

1). Eschew (Verb)
Definition: deliberately avoid using; abstain from
Synonyms: abstain from, refrain from, give up, forgo,
forswear, shun, renounce
Usage: He appealed to the crowd to eschew violence

2).Knee-Jerk (Adjective)
Definition: reacting in a readily predictable way
Synonyms: impulse, automatic, involuntary
Usage: Labor created Knee-Jerk moment

3). Bidders (Noun)
Definition: a person or organization making a formal
offer for something, especially at an auction
Synonyms: aspirants, applicants, competitor
Usage: she was the highest bidder for this rare portrait

4). Woefully (Adverb)
Definition: in a manner expressing sorrow or misery
Synonyms: Disappointment, Dreadful, grim
Usage: she sighed woefully and walked out

5). Forged (Adjective)
Definition: copied fraudulently
Synonyms: Fake, false

Usage: they have illegally entered the UK using forged travel documents

6). Agrarian (Adjective)
Definition: relating to cultivated land or the
cultivation of land
Synonyms: agricultural, Natural, Rustic.
Usage: Brazil is rapidly diversifying its agrarian economy

7). Stagnated (Verb)
Definition: cease to flow or move; become stagnant
Synonyms: stop flowing, become stagnant, become
Usage: Lake will have Stagnate water.

8). Pursuits (Noun)
Definition: the action of pursuing someone or
Synonyms: chasing, pursuing, stalking, tracking,
trailing, shadowing
Usage: the cat crouched in the grass in pursuit of a bird

9). Urged (Verb)
Definition: recommend (something) strongly
Synonyms: advise, counsel, advocate, recommend,
Usage: I urge caution in interpreting these results

10). Convene (Verb)

Definition: come or bring together for a meeting or activity; assemble
Synonyms: summon, call, call together, order
Usage: he had convened a secret meeting of military personnel

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